NEWS, December 2014

20th May 2015 - APTOS User Group FREE one-day event details and draft agenda

We will be hosting a FREE one day conference on Wednesday 20th May.

The venue will be

Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth
Crabbet Park
Turners Hill Road
West Sussex
RH10 4SS

Please register your attendance (or non-attendance) via our Doodle poll at . If you could do this soonest it will assist us greatly in planning with the hotel.

We look forward to seeing you in May.

Draft Agenda

1.            Recap on new functionality (by popular request) – 75 minutes
o             Auditing
o             AR Invoice authorisation
o             Bank Reconciliation 

2.            Aptos 10 - Customer Perspective – 30 minutes
o             Customer experience
o             Hints & Tips

3.            Document Management – 30 minutes
o             Cyclops Latest Release (.Net)

4.            Aptos 10 - Expenses – 20 minutes

5.            Aptos 10 - Mid3 –  30 Minutes

6.            Aptos 10.05 & 10.06 New features – 60 minutes
o             New HMRC Discount Rules
o             Aptos 10 Account Update
o             Aptos 10 Enquires
o             Predictive Code Entry
o             WEB Vendor Request
o             Aptos 10.06 Plans

Sessions are draft and subject to change. Exact timings to be confirmed, the plan is to run the event from 10-4. Lunch is provided.